Laughing Stock Productions presents

Heath Franklin's Chopper

All Killer

Venue, Date & Time

Regal Theatre

Sat 6th May 2017 - 9:00 pm

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Ticket Price Range

$35.70 - $40.80
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Chopper’s been saying funny shit in Perth for over decade, and what’s he got to show for it? Well, about ten years’ worth of funny shit to say. Now he’s back, with all his hits, in a best-of grab bag of his favourite jokes, in a comedy Frankenstein of Fuck yeah!

It’s All Killer.

The most gut-achingly, side-splitting, tap out, and beg for mercy, grade A gear that Chopper has to offer.

From The Ronnie Johns Half Hour to Anzakistan, this show has been hit with a shovel, and jammed in the boot of his comedy van with old favourites, internet hits and some other great stuff you probably haven't heard unless you're one of those super creepy fans (you know the ones who go through Chopper’s garbage looking for things to sniff).

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26 Apr 2017
Regal Theatre

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