Nicola Macri

Single Entendre

Venue, Date & Time

Regal Theatre

Sat 9th May 2020 - 8:15pm

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$18.00 - $20.00

Recommended For

Ages 15+
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EVENT CANCELLED - Due to the current Coronavirus pandemic, this show has been cancelled. All Patrons will receive information from Ticketek regarding refunds.

Nicola Macri is saying what she means. 

Having taken at least two Linguistics classes at uni, she loves language for the wild enigma it is, but there are some things she wants to make very clear. Communication can be tough and with the current state of the world the stakes have never been higher for understanding each other. Modern parlance is a murky soup of ambiguous sarcasm, upside-down smiley emojis, “satirical” internet bigotry, and jerks who use un-parsable vocabulary like “modern parlance”. And “un-parsable”. 

And, as Perth’s Premier Asexual Comedian, Nicola has a particular beef with euphemism. Sometimes a sausage is just a sausage and “gal pal” isn’t code for lesbian sex-friend. It’s time to strip* comedy of its obsession with dirty wordplay. Humanity depends on it. Bring on the Single Entendre!


“One of Perth’s upcoming superstars of comedy” (X-Press, 2017), Nicola Macri is an emerging comedian with an ever-expanding bag of weird tricks, like a less hot Mary Poppins. Whatever she's offering, her brand of comedy is cerebral and warm-hearted, with nary a sex joke in sight.

“Macri has truly arrived on Perth’s comedy landscape. She has come a long way, baby, and has an undeniable voice. ...brings belly laughs so full that tears roll.” - X-Press, 2019 

"Macri is local, fun, and as unique as they come." - FringeFeed, 2018

“One of Perth’s upcoming superstars of comedy” "A beacon of hope on the comedy scene." - X-Press, 2017

"Macri’s strong sense of comic timing punctuates her observations with zing, delivered with an ironic hair flick and wry smile." -, 2017

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