Frontier Comedy presents

Alex Williamson

Sin On My Face

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Astor Theatre

Sat 4th May 2019 - 8:45 pm

Sat 4th May 2019 - 10:15 pm

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Ages 15+
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IMPORTANT NOTICE: Alex’s plane today from Adelaide has been diverted to Kalgoorlie and now has got tech issues. Virgin are sending a new jet, Alex is chafing at the bit to get to Perth and do tonights shows! So to allow the extra time it’ll take Virgin to get Alex to Perth we’re rescheduling tonights 7.00pm show to 8.45pm and the 9.00pm show to 10.15pm. Grab a bite to eat and have some drinks with mates, Alex will see you all at the revised show times tonight.

The Victorian era is long gone, but to think people once adhered to a set of rules ordained by god & suppressed their ‘inner sick-f*ck’ is a point of fascination for Alex Williamson.

After another sold-out 2018 Aussie festival season, and working tirelessly at Edinburgh Fringe to give Aussies an even worse reputation overseas, Alex is back on home soil to wholeheartedly embrace his inner sick-f*ck in a brand new hour sure to knock you for a home-run. Metaphorically of course, it’s not an hour of baseball, unless he runs out of material & someone has a key to the high school sports shed.

With over 2.5 million social media followers, Alex has performed a phenomenal number of shows to a prodigious amount of people, and this comedy juggernaut is only getting stronger as he steams through shows like a deranged Thomas The Tank Engine.

Since last festival Alex has played 6 comedy festivals across Australia, NZ and the UK, 11 shows in England and Ireland, plus 36 shows across every state and territory in Australia, and sold out most of them. 

Embrace your own inner sick-f*ck and let ‘Shooter’ sin on your face. But book early!

"laidback, punchy, charismatic, fearless and provocative - everything you would expect from a man with 500 million online viewers. I hope he never mellows" - The Scotsman (UK)

"hilarious... a tour de force" - The Speakeasy (NZ)

"a great comedian who knows his audience and keeps them with him throughout the show" - Brisbane Stage



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