Century Artists Presents

Nick Cody

Dad Bod

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Astor Theatre

Sat 24th Apr 2021 - 7:00pm

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Ages 15+
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Nick hasn't been fit since high school, but now that he is a father, he can use the term "Dad Bod", which makes friends and doctors laugh and give him a pass. 
Lucky for you, his comedy muscles are fit AF. 
Another hour of world class stand-up from the red-bearded bloke you've seen and heard on everything that's worth anything. 
★★★★ ½ "A brilliant show... hit after hit, Cody keeps rolling on." Herald Sun 
As seen on Last One Laughing (Amazon), The Merger (Netflix), The Gala, Conan, The Project and heaps more! 
As heard on Midflight Brawl, Little Dum Dum Club and The Dollop. 

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