Australia’s funniest are coming to Perth!

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Our island home produces comedians that are acclaimed around the world. From London to Edinburgh to New York to Montreal, Aussie comics mix it with the best.

In continuing this proud tradition, we are excited to present to you the best established and emerging local comedians for your enjoyment. If you’re looking for some of the best comedy the world has to offer or are on the hunt for some new homegrown talent, you are in the right place! 

The Most Promising Young Australian Stars of 2019

Aaron Gocs – Divorced With Children, Astor Theatre, 3 – 4 May
Opening up about navigating his way through life as a suburban, divorced dad. It’s a heartfelt and humorous look into his life through a collection of stories and jokes.

Alice Fraser – Mythos, Regal Theatre, 9 – 11 May
Comedian, writer, podcaster and The Bugle (UK) podcast regular Alice is a word geek, polymath and ex-corporate lawyer. Alice Fraser could do a lot of stuff if she could decide what to do. A show that picks a line and sticks to it, and does a lot of other things en route.

Cameron McLaren – The Very Hungry Camerpiller, Regal Theatre, 17 – 18 May
Straight out of Midland, Winner of Best Comedy WA at Fringeworld 2017, Cameron McLaren is back with a brand new hour of bangers and he is very hungry.

Colin Ebsworth – Ebz Dispenser, Regal Theatre, 2 – 3 May
See Perth’s youngest comedy heavyweight bring the laughs with his brand new show Ebz Dispenser! Colin has been performing standup for almost a decade now and at only 26 has multiple sellout Fringe world runs under his belt and has traveled Australia as a Raw Comedy National Finalist.

Matt Storer – Good Egg, Regal Theatre, 10 – 11 May
People are like eggs. They’re fragile, gooey and taste great with bacon. Some are rotten, some are good. But we won’t know which is which until we all crack up together. Since taking out the WA RAW Comedy and Funny Faces competition in 2014, Matt Storer has established himself as one of the country’s brightest up-and-comers.

Nicola Macri – You’re Welcome, Regal Theatre, 17 – 18 May
Delightful comedy with more singing and dancing than can reasonably be expected. You’ll slap your knees, you’ll slap your friends’ knees. No knees are safe.

Jez Watts – Loser, Regal Theatre, 4 May
Fun, charming and playfully dirty, Jez Watts is back with a brand new hour of jokes, bits, stories & improvised songs for 2019. He’s sold out shows on the west coast, east coast & internationally. Perth grown. World approved.

Umar Azad – Halal? It is meat you’re looking for?? Comedy Lounge Perth City, 3 May
Migrating to Australia as a child has given Umar a unique view of the world.  He unapologetically describes the challenges of living different lives in order to survive. Join Umar as he lifts the veil of secrecy on trying to be the best Bogan Muslim he can possibly be – without his Pakistani mum finding out! 


If you’re looking for some of the best comedy the world has to offer, you don’t have to look far! 

Festival Favourite and Returning Stars!

Tommy Little – Self Diagnosed Genius, State Theatre Centre of WA, 3 – 4 May

Nazeem Hussain – Basic Idiot, Regal Theatre, 4 May

Fiona O’Loughlin – Addresses The Nation, Regal Theatre, 10 May

Steve Hughes – Are You Serious?, Regal Theatre, 11 May

Alex Williamson – Sin on my face, Astor Theatre, 4 May

Superwog – Live, Regal Theatre, 17 – 18 May

Akmal – Open for Renovations, Astor Theatre, 10 May

Rhys Nicholson – Nice People Nice Things Nice situations, State Theatre Centre of WA, 4 May

Cassie Workman – Giantess, Astor Theatre 3 -4 May

Daniel Townes – The World is Amazing and Everyone’s a Winner, Astor Theatre, 10 May

Lawrence Leung – Growing Concerns, State Theatre Centre of WA, 3 – 4 May 

Luke Heggie – HAVE THAT, State Theatre Centre of WA, 10 May 

Nick Cody – Old Mate, State Theatre Centre of WA, 3 May 

See our full line up HERE


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