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With comedy festival season in full swing, there are tons of new comedy reviews being posted online. If you’re struggling to decide which shows you want to see during the festival, then now’s the time to get stuck in and do your research!

To make things easier, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best reviews coming out of Melbourne.

Stephen K Amos (UK) ★★★★ READ REVIEW
Luisa Omielan (UK) ★★★★½ READ REVIEW
Tripod ★★★★ READ REVIEW
The Umbilical Brothers ★★★★ READ REVIEW
Arj Barker (USA) ★★★★ READ REVIEW
Lawrence Leung ★★★★½ READ REVIEW
Rhys Nicholson ★★★★½ READ REVIEW
Joel Creasey ★★★★ READ REVIEW
Sammy J & Randy ★★★★ READ REVIEW
Nath Valvo ★★★★★ READ REVIEW
Luke Heggie ★★★★ READ REVIEW
Daniel Sloss (SCO) ★★★★ READ REVIEW
Neel Kolhatkar ★★★★ READ REVIEW

Keep tuned for more reviews coming soon…

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