What’s on at Perth Comedy Festival 2019 – Week 3

We’re officially past the halfway point which means that you have less than 2 weeks to get your Comedy Fest fix! 



We still have so much going on you don’t want to miss these last 2 weeks that are absolutely jam-packed with amazing shows and incredible artists.

If you are still scrambling to plan your week 3 experience of the Perth Comedy Festival, we have you covered with this week’s What’s On list!

Perth Comedy Festival Gala, Wed 8 May
It’s the biggest night of comedy in Perth! The Gala brings together a dazzling line-up of the Festival’s funniest international stars, Australian legends and next-big-things in comedy for a spectacular night of comedy at Subiaco’s Regal Theatre. 

Biggest Comedy Show On Earth 9 – 10 May
A show for those with a short attention span, the Biggest Comedy Show On Earth features a huge line-up of comics performing short and hilarious sets in this fast-paced showcase of non-stop laughs at Comedy Lounge Perth City!

Alice Fraser – Mythos – Regal Theatre, 9 – 11 May

Stephen K Amos (UK) – The Story So Far… – Regal Theatre, 9 – 11 May 

The Motherhood – Surviving The Circus – Regal Theatre, 9 – 10 May

Akmal – Open For Renovations – Astor Theatre, 10 May

Cal Wilson – Gifted Underachiever – Comedy Lounge Perth, 10 – 11 May 

Daniel Townes – The World Is Amazing and Everyone’s a Winner – Astor theatre, 10 May 

Fiona O’Loughlin – Addresses The Nation – Regal Theatre, 10 May

Ivan Aristeguieta – The Fourth Floor – Astor theatre, 10 May

Jamali Maddix (UK) – Vape Lord - Comedy Lounge Perth City, 10 – 11 May 

Jason Leong (MYS) – Harmful If Swallowed – Astor Theatre, 10 May

Luke Heggie – Have That – State Theatre Centre of WA, 10 May

Matt Storer – Good Egg – Regal Theatre, 10 May

Paul Foot (UK) – Image Conscious – State Theatre Centre of WA, 10th May

Neel Kolhatkar – Live – State Theatre Centre of WA, 11 May

South African Comedy Allstars (RSA) – State Theatre Centre of WA, 11 May

Steve Hughes – Are You Serious? – Regal Theatre, 11 May

Perth Comedy Festival Showcase at Fremantle’s Rock Rover
Expertly curated and lovingly presented, the Perth Comedy Festival Showcase brings together a hilarious line-up of the Festival’s funniest and freshest Australian and international acts for one massive night of comedy at Freo’s Rock Rover.

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